GumGum Takes Safety Lead with New Anti-Fraud Integration

We’ve partnered with White Ops to bring the world’s most robust fraud prevention product, MediaGuard, to our entire exchange inventory, because our clients deserve the safest programmatic experience possible.

Why You Can’t Have A Visual Strategy Without Computer Vision

A recent Digiday survey of over 300 industry stakeholders revealed that 80% described visual content as either “very” or “somewhat” important to their marketing strategy.

GumGum Named to Gartner’s List of Cool Vendors in AI for Marketing

GumGum is excited to announce that it has been included in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in AI for Marketing” report, which highlights interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services in AI with real-world applications in marketing. 


GumGum Campaigns Named Finalists for Four Awards

GumGum's technology is championed with four award nominations from PR News and Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.

GumGum's Pledge to Programmatic Excellence

Recently, a controversial technique has emerged within the Supply Side Platform (SSP) ecosystem. We’d like to inform our partners of this less than honest behavior and assure you that we have not engaged in this type of activity—and never will. 

Behind the Scenes: We Bring Cannes to You

Here’s a short video about how the team and creatives brought Cannes to you!  

6 Best Practices for 6-Second Video Ads

Six-second video ads aren’t just a hot new trend—they’re the future of video advertising. As GumGum and Adweek discovered earlier this year, a majority of marketers find unskippable six-second spots to be more effective than longer ads. With companies like Google, Fox, Facebook and Michelin all hopping on the bandwagon in the last year, the momentum’s picking up. Welcome to the age of six-second ads. 

A New Type of Ad Exchange That Makes Advertising Safer and Smarter

In a field crowded with industry leaders, we were recognized for our unique technology developed to help target audiences without employing user data, while delivering the most effective pre-bid brand safety protection available. Computer vision and natural language processing are at the heart of GumGum's offerings––and they are what make ours the ad platform trusted by a majority of Fortune 100 companies.

Leveraging Agency Insider Information to Help Inform GumGum Business Decisions and Relationships

Having spent 7 years working at media agencies, myself and other GumGum employees have advantageous insider knowledge of the needs and challenges one faces on the agency side. Understanding how agency folks function, react and make key decisions is pivotal to GumGum’s success in the advertising space, which is why the New York office hosted the first ever Agency Panel Discussion. We wanted to provide the opportunity for GumGum employees to ask questions about how we can improve as a whole and better position GumGum in the competitive digital landscape.


When Mark Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill to testify about Facebook’s privacy concerns he was asked a question by Senator Lindsey Graham who questioned simply “who’s your biggest competitor?” Zuckerberg explained it wasn’t so simple and that different competitors overlapped in different ways. The answer was insufficient to Graham who pressed on saying, “if I buy a Ford, and it doesn’t work well, and I don’t like it, I can buy a Chevy. If I’m upset with Facebook, what’s the equivalent product I can go sign up for?” 


With every new innovation in media technology, marketers must develop new advertising formats that align with the latest ways people consume news and entertainment.

Indeed, as consumers started moving from television to desktop video in the mid 2000s, advertisers quickly learned that the traditional 30-second ad spot was far too long for the short form video people were watching online. In response, they developed the 15-second pre-roll ad. While this format has served advertisers well for some time, the rise of mobile video means that it is time for the format to evolve once more.

Sponsorship Video

Sponsorships are ubiquitous and from the red carpet, to the baseball diamond, we see company logos splattered everywhere. At times it seems like nothing can be done without a sponsorship as traffic reports are brought to you by someone and just about every sports team has an official car dealership, mattress company or veterinarian. Clearly there is a lot of value locked into sponsorships, but nothing comes easy and sponsorships too have their challenges...