Cannes Lions is one of the biggest annual events on the new media, creative communications and advertising calendar. The team at GumGum has always had a great time down on the French Riviera, making loads of new friends and partnerships. But it’s such a busy and packed event that there’s never time to talk to all the companies and individuals we’d like to.

So in 2018, we decided to do something a little different. We decided to bring Cannes to you! (Well, to a whole bunch of you, at least.) 

We set up three yachts and five experiences across eight international locations, in the same week as Cannes Lions, to celebrate everything that’s great about the festival. 

We wanted to bring the best of Cannes (French rosé, great company, cool content and pure fun) to marinas near our awesome clients. Each individually designed networking party aimed to give the decision makers, from the industries we work in, a taste of the French Riviera.  

Here’s a short video about how the team of creatives brought Cannes to you!