Recently, a controversial technique has emerged within the Supply Side Platform (SSP) ecosystem. We’d like to inform our partners of this less than honest behavior and assure you that we have not engaged in this type of activity. 

The technique in question is called “bid caching” and takes advantage of buyers by using the same bid from a lost auction in a subsequent auction with different targeting parameters. This is done unknowingly to buyers and creates a level of deception with what they are actually paying for.  Ultimately, this goes against the quest for transparency we are all fighting for in the industry.

At GumGum, we are fully transparent in our auction mechanics and are committed to programmatic excellence. These efforts are represented by our compliance with ads.txt and an active membership in both the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Coalition for Better Ads (CBA). Furthermore, we continue to invest in our computer vision and natural language processing technology to offer our partners the highest level of brand safety in our ability to scan images and text on every page before placing an ad.

Instances like bid caching could continue to surface, but we want to leave no doubt that we’re making a pledge to honest operations.

If you have any questions, we’re eager to help. Please reach out to