GumGum recently wrapped an innovative campaign with a simple goal: to entice leisure-loving guests to visit our clients’ hotels and resorts, whether for quick weekend getaways or longer holiday travel. To achieve this, we leveraged our proprietary targeting capabilities to find travelers in the US dreaming about or planning their next getaway. Then, we served up our highly visible contextually relevant ads while they searched for content relevant to adventure and relaxation. The results? Resounding success: GumGum's targeted ads earned a leading hotel and resort chain 148K extra visitors, at a cost per acquisition of $4.73—that's 12.75 times cheaper than other marketing channels typically considered for performance marketing, such as Google Search.
To execute our strategy, we served ads to prospective travelers while they were fantasizing about or actively planning their next trip. We focused on this audience across premium travel, lifestyle and health websites, delivering unique ads relevant to the sites' content. These ads encompassed six categories: In-Image, In-Screen, In-Screen Embedded Video, In-Image Embedded Video and In-Image Canvas, all stoking the user's wanderlust one site at a time during pivotal moments in their daily browsing.

All told, 148,000 guests stayed at our clients' hotels and resorts. We also observed a 4,7771 percent return on advertising spending, with a 2.47 percent clickthrough rate—an average of 2.182 percent on Google Search, and 0.472 percent on Google Display. As for our clients, they enjoyed a respectable $4.73 cost per acquisition, with a Google Search average of $60.312 and a Google Display Average of $45.282.

Not bad for a weekend getaway, eh?